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As every year, Atlantic International University selects a few students of their class to get an interview, this students are selected based in their contribution to their professional, social and personal fields. They all have been representing AIU core values. We would love for you to listen what they have to say and motivate you to become a great Atlantic International University story.

uman Rights in your Life to take Action with AIU Pledg
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Lecture given by Ricardo Gonzalez. with students graduated from AIU on October 17, to raise awareness of their Human Rights and their application in daily life as well as knowing how to determine their validity and promotion in our communities.

¿cómo tomas acción? con tus Derechos Humanos.
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Conferencia Impartida por el Dr Ricardo Gonzalez M. con alumnos graduados de AIU el pasado 17 de Octubre, para generar conciencia de sus Derechos Humanos y su aplicación en la vida diaria determinando su validez y promoción en nuestras comunidades .