Atlantic International University – Class 2022 August

AIU Virtual Graduation Ceremony. March 4th, 2021

Welcome to your Atlantic International University Graduation Gallery, please feel free to take a look and live those wonderful moments once again.  After the great success achieved by our 1st year of delivering Virtual Graduation Ceremonies in 2021, here you will find all the images and  shared by our students in our 1st VIRTUAL GRADUATION of 2021, students from 62 countries registered and many more that we could not accommodate into this graduation experience. To get more information about AIU and its programs visit:

We loved to be part of this event and the fact that you SHARE all those images and videos made us feel really close and happy to see your life and the things and people making you happy and proud.

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Atlantic International University class2021: All the images and videos in this page has been shared and approved by AIU Alumni, our testimonials and interviews are nothing but a brief summary of what the AIU program meant to our graduates. Follow us on Social media or complete an application to know more about Atlantic International University and its andragogic programs #myaiugraduation2021 #uniqueandunrepeatable #myaiu