Atlantic International University – Testimonials 2023 March

Nelson Josepth Batallas Avila - Belgium
Bachelor in Electrical Engineering
Vishal Vitthal Pawar- Canada
Doctorate in Computer Science
Rosebells Eruwun Uviovo - Nigeria
Doctorate in Criminal Justice
Heber Héctor Milla Caballero - Peru
Doctorate in Systems Engineering
Maria Estrella Ayecaba Micha Oye - Equatorial Guinea
Masters in Finance and Accounting
Herman Alexander Anaya Regalado - El Salvador
Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering
Jose Antonio Arranhado - East Timor
Bachelor in Political Science
Nehal Gadhvi - India
Doctorate in Marketing
Armando Said Granados Flores - Peru
Bachelor in Urban Economics
Hugo Muñoz -Chile
Doctorate in Psychology
Karen M. Purpura - United States
Doctorate in Theology
Colin Neil Gosine - Trinidad and Tobago
Doctorate in Leadership and Business Administration
Juan de la Cruz Paz Villarreal - United States
Bachelor in public Administration
Nellie Muyatwa Nyambe - Zambia
Doctorate in Renewable Energy
Luis Azahares Guevara - United States
Masters in Mechanical Engineering
Eduardo Rivera León - Mexico
Doctorate in International Business
Mark Jarad Dearden - United Arab Emirates
Doctorate in Educational Psychology
Freddy Whimper Torres Flores - Ecuador
Doctorate in Profile Design and Curriculum Reform
Kiersten A Woodward - United States
Doctorate in Biology
Maritza Ramos Cerezo - United States
Doctorate in Education
Sidonia Shanica Sidonie-Volney - Saint Lucia
Doctorate in Accounting and Finance
Reyna Maria Pinales Aybar - United States
Masters in Educational Psychology
Lazaro Mutunda - Angola
Bachelor in Business Management
Jonathan Oga Ukwuru - Nigeria
Doctorate in Business Management
Adriana Zavaleta Nava - Mexico
Doctorate in Education Administration
Ursula María Rosa Acosta - Dominican Republic
Doctorate in Hispanic American Literature
Christopher Roger Williams - Grenade
Doctorate in Business Administration
Fadi AbuAita - Palsestine
Post-doctorate in Business Management
Coral Garza Lettiery - Mexico
Doctorate in Educational Neuroscience
Miguel Pérez Martínez - Dominican Republic
Doctorate in Education
Dylan Kwablah Hewlett - Ghana
Doctorate in IT Project Management
Martin Abelardo Zuñiga Navarro - Mexico
Doctorate in Psychology
Luis Alfonso Carrera Fuentes - Peru
Bachelor in Business Administration
Liz Adianez Díaz Rodríguez - Puerto Rico
Doctorate in Andragogy
Tesfaye Worku Moges - Ethiopia
Doctorate in Agriculture
Ivan Alberto Barillas - United States
Bachelor in Computer Science

Welcome to our August 2022 Atlantic International University Testimonials from our graduating students. This is only a small sample of the hundreds of graduating students. They have completed their course work and earned their Professional degree. 

At AIU you will find a unique individualized education for adults. We create a custom educational experience for all our students.

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