Atlantic International University – Full Ceremony Videos

Virtual Graduation Class November 2021-
Atlantic International University

Join us Celebrating! This AIU graduation marks the third virtual graduation in 2021 and we see it as a symbolic event showing that our students are standing and together in despite of any adversity. Join us on a journey where we will discover how their program at AIU has changed our graduates lives generating awareness to stand for their human rights and contribute to create a better and sustainable world,

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Learn more about AIU Atlantic International University. We are a US International University based in Honolulu, Hawaii. AIU offers over 120 degrees in multiple fields. Earn your bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate, and Post Doctorate degrees online. 

With AIU you receive a top-ranked online education designed for adults. Using the sustainable Andragogic learning model with the freedom of an Open Curriculum. We are an affordable alternative to the traditional high-cost education system.

Take advantage of all the resources you will have access to once you join AIU. Things like Rosetta Stone, hundreds of articles, periodicals, books, and research papers.  Also, have 24/7 support from staff all around the world.

When you join AIU you receive access to all the resources and support. You will become the very best in your field of study.

Take the first step in your future success by contacting us today. Contact our admissions staff and schedule an appointment with one of our counselors.

If you recently graduated from Atlantic International University please click here. To submit your own graduation image. You can also upload your graduating interview or commencement ceremony.