Interview with graduated of a Doctoral degree in Education from AIU

Doctoral degree in Education

Atlantic International University is proud of the fact that we have been able to impact students from over 180 countries. Students with varying backgrounds and professions, such as entrepreneurs, educators, politicians, and so much more.

One of such students who we have been able to help shape the path of their success is Dr. Visuanathan Gopalan from Singapore who graduated with a Doctoral degree in Education from AIU.

Dr. Gopalan’s tenure with us, from admissions up to graduation, as described by him was, “fantastic.” He lauded the technological ease that the university provided via the AIU Virtual Campus, especially with communication with faculty for assistance, which made his studies quite manageable. As he puts it, “it’s the people that make the difference.”

The major thing he appreciated with AIU was the flexibility afforded to him to decide on the areas to polish. There was no barrier or limit to his creativity and the stage was set for him to succeed.

Dr. Gopalan highlighted the Curriculum Development/Design project, which each student is expected to complete when they begin their studies, as an important assessment for one’s personal, business, and professional development. Having access to an open curriculum where you are able to tailor your education for your success allows students to choose the courses and assignments that matter most and build their character.

With his degree in Education, Dr. Gopalan intends to go back to Singapore and help embed the importance of incorporating technology in teaching and studying as he believes that this will strengthen the academic capabilities of the students. He also intends to help develop curricula that promote problem-solving because he thinks that students’ problem-solving capabilities should not be underestimated.

It is up to you to take advantage of the purpose-driven academics that Atlantic International University provides through its open curriculum design. Stop seeing obstacles and start chasing the opportunities. Make a difference in the world and start your program now!