Stephvanie Wynn Atlantic International University Doctorate Graduate Interview

atlantic international university doctorate degree graduates

Stephvanie Wynn now Dr. Wynn has graduated from Atlantic International University with a Doctorate in Philosophy. We are thankful for Dr. Wynn to take the time and sit down with us and talk about her experience at AIU and how she earned her Atlantic International University Doctorate Degree.

Atlantic International University Doctorate Degree Program.

Ricardo: Good afternoon. Today, I have the honor and privilege to meet and chat with Miss Stephvanie Wynn, Doctor of Philosophy with a major in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, joining us from Michigan. Thank you for being here.

Dr. Wynn: Absolutely, thank you for having me. I’m so excited and I love my AIU!

Ricardo: Thank you so much. Everything we do every day is for you guys. So, you guys are our inspiration, and being able to see you guys face to face is a fulfillment of a lot of weeks and months throughout the year where we work with you, but we don’t get to physically interact. We wanted to talk to you to see if there are some suggestions that you can share with other AIU alumni who are considering studies in Psychology. For example, I was looking at some of the techniques that you used. One was called Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

Dr. Wynn: DVT is what that is. It’s one of the only proven therapies to help people with bipolar disorder and things like that, so it is a very powerful model, and you have to be certified to use it. Some people are DBT aware, so they’re familiar and they can refer but definitely, it’s a powerful model.

Ricardo: If you can summarize, what’s different about that approach versus some other approach.

Dr. Wynn: Each approach has certain techniques that are very similar, but it’s certain steps that are taken in certain orders for each therapeutic approach. Now, I’m no professional on all the therapies. I work mostly with children, so I don’t use a lot of DBT for them. I’m trained on it, but I am the trauma specialist when it comes to therapy and children. So, in that I know am familiar with multiple types of therapeutic interventions.

Ricardo: What are some of the biggest factors that determine whether the treatment that a child gets allows them to overcome?

Dr. Wynn: First of all, the resiliency of children is a major positive in treating children. The belief of the therapist, not only in themselves and their ability to treat, but in the children and in the understanding that children are resilient, and children can be whatever you tell them they can be. When you’re raising children as parents and you speak to your children, speak to them in a manner of what you want to see, not what you don’t.

One of my mentors is a what’s called PMTO, that’s Para management Training Program of Oregon, and one of my very good friends.

They teach — shine the light on what you want to grow. I love that. As a result of that, if you when you speak to someone you speak in overcoming, not in, “What did you do?”, “What was this about?”, “What’s wrong with you?” When there’s a problem you say, “What happened?” You have to give them choices.

Ricardo: They love choices. When you say, “Hey! Would you like to put on your blue shorts or your black shorts? From what I learned, you fill up their power bucket. Because you can fill up their power bucket in a negative way. Like when they make you upset and you raise your voice, you just gave them a bucket load of power, but in a bad way.

Dr. Wynn: Remember they don’t make you upset, you get upset.

Ricardo: You’re right. You have groups of a hundred patients per month, and now there might be a hundred thousand people that could benefit from help. I guess when it’s a patient you need to have a one-on-one with the patient, but if it’s like a mentor or someone else, I mean, there’s the opportunity now with technology to have these techniques disseminated to caregivers who might not otherwise have access to your treatments that they can access.

Dr. Wynn: That’s one of the things that my studies here at AIU in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, which means I can actually do systems and businesses and things like that. A lot of people look at that in the human resources sphere. I look at it as it is my opportunity to take the system of an organization. Especially maybe a non-profit organization that’s working with these people. By identifying things that would help the behavior across the board. So, then that thought process of success, that thought process of overcoming can be put out throughout the entire organization to help build much faster than me by myself.

Ricardo: Right, and what you mentioned also about how you talk to kids, like neurolinguistics inside of an organization, a huge impact.

Dr. Wynn: Exactly, it does. That’s why I chose that to make it larger, just like you’re saying.

Ricardo: Fantastic. Well, Stephvanie, thank you for sharing this special time with us, and I guess congratulations officially Dr. Wynn. Well done. Thank you so much for coming forward to having you for the rest of the ceremony.

Interview between Dr. Wynn and AIU’s Ricardo.

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