Interview with Guido Rafael Baca Atlantic International University Graduate.

Interview with Guido Rafael Baca Atlantic International University Graduate.

Dr. Valcin: At this moment, we have the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Guido Rafael Vaca. He has just completed a Doctorate degree. What does this academic achievement mean to you?

Dr. Vaca: This achievement of graduating as a Doctor here at the university has been my greatest dream. Thanks to my parents, God, my family, and the university because you opened the doors for me. For me, it is one of the greatest universities. It is one of the pioneers that opened the doors to those who look for academic improvement.

Dr. Valcin: We are talking about a subject that is very important to many, which is business. What is your fundamental advice to them?

Dr. Vaca: First, I was able to understand through my beautiful profession in business administration. I was able to understand the importance that businesses have in the world today. As the world has globalized, it has become very competitive. And thanks to the great advice that I got from the university in seeing opportunities instead of obstacles, I was able to understand that the world moves on the basis of businesses. The world moves because of commerce, and for that, we need an administrator. If the administrator is capable, I believe that person can become a great official. We can talk about a family administrator, a business administrator, a community administrator of ne community, and why not even become the President of a nation? The administration is incredibly important. We focus directly on planning, organizing, and guiding the goals on has on his heart.

Dr. Valcin: That is very important, and I imagine that you grew throughout this Doctorate journey in the area of Business Administration. What will you contribute when you return to your country and your community in Ecuador?

Dr. Vaca: I have to say, Dr, I am very grateful for the guidance you have given me and other students in breaking paradigms that have begun to make this dream come true in this prestigious university. I have begun to make a difference in my country, as I have started many projects to jumpstart many companies. Right now, I work as a manager in a company where I presented a business plan to my boss, who is watching right now. My great boss, and businessman – the great Carlitos Castillo. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to work as a manager at your great company. I presented him a project based on a necessity, and we were able to channel the resources. I was able to show and qualify to satisfy the objectives with efficiency. I was able to prove that what I presented was a great contribution to move forward.

Dr. Valcin: There are a lot of persons watching right now that would love to start a business. To finalize this interview, what would be your essential advice to those people?

Dr. Vaca: I urge my Ecuadorian community, and I take this opportunity to direct my words to the community of Espindola, where I was born. That part that I have in my heart, to my people in my providence of Loja, to the beautiful people of my country. To the entire world, I urge you to not let your faith die. Get ready for the next challenge. This world has become so competitive that there is also a great opportunity to progress. We just need to take the first step. And for that, we have this great university. In the same way that they extended their hands to me, and opened the doors for me to make my dreams come true of graduating with my Doctorate, they can also do that for you. Seek help! We are here to give you the correct information, and the university will open its doors so that your business dream can come true.

Dr. Valcin: Very encouraging words. Thank you very much Dr. Vaca.

Dr. Vaca: I wish you success in everything. Thank you very much. The only thing left is to tell Atlantic International University – Please continue forward. Continue impacting lives, supporting students, and growing as you have. And for me it is the university that is gaining prestige, admiration, and respect. May God continue to bless you all immensely.