Atlantic International University Graduation February 21st 2021

Atlantic International University Graduation February 21st, 2021.\

Atlantic International University

Onwards and Upwards

The Covid-19 pandemic adversely affected the education industry, and it has possibly redefined the existing educational models forever. The world now knows that online learning for adults is here to stay.

While online learning was thrust upon us, we adapted and eventually accepted it as a part of our life.

Graduating In A Pandemic.

Students enrolled in all degrees, be it undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate level kept studying and proudly graduated from the Atlantic International University (AIU).

To make it as seamless as possible. AIU progressively improved and conducted its third virtual convocation.

The Third Virtual Convocation for our Atlantic International University Graduation.

From individual interviews and alumni lectures to celebrating achievements of the graduating body. The process has continued to get better. The most interesting development in virtual convocation. Universities have moved away from just displaying a picture of each of its graduates.

Instead, a second screen shares the achievements and goals that the graduate has achieved. In addition, small videos from friends, families, and teachers have been recorded to make it even more memorable.

The Future.

As widespread vaccinations are expected this year, it is highly likely that the world of education will soon move back to its previous physical nature. Only time will tell what happens.

For now, we all just need to embrace the ‘new normal’.

We hope that this February Atlantic International University Graduation Ceremony will inspire all those looking to start or complete their education to sign up. At AIU you will find an exciting, rewarding University experience that will not leave you in debt or bankrupt.

You will gain an experience of a lifetime while advancing your academic and career future into a guaranteed success. Do not hesitate and contact us today for more information on how to start your own career.